Workplace Counselling has become one of the fastest growing areas of counselling.

Established in 1994, Medra seeks to provide support to companies who endeavour to ensure the health and well-being of their employees.

Stress or anxiety caused perhaps by workload pressure or unhealthy relationships with work colleagues will impact on staff efficiency. This may result in illness, depression or a decrease in job satisfaction. Timely intervention can help employees overcome difficult periods in their lives and assist them to remain in work, resulting in improved personal health and productivity. Investment in Medra counselling provision helps to sustain individuals through challenging times.

There is growing evidence that counselling in the workplace is cost-effective. "Even the most rigorous economic analyses show that Workplace Counselling and Employee Assistance programmes cover their costs, in terms of economic savings that are generated by employers" (McLeod, 2010)

  • Supporting staff in this way helps alleviate psychological distress and can help avoid unnecessary time off work.
  • Provision of Medra counselling can positively influence staff perceptions of employers.
  • Provision of the service creates a more positive working environment to encourage improved work function and overall health of the company.
  • Offering Medra counselling to staff assists in meeting legal obligations concerning duty of care.
  • Within the bounds of individual confidentiality, Medra can help identify any high-stress areas in the organisation, enabling development of remedial action.

As a major employer in North Wales, Gwynedd Council has used Medra Counselling Services for a number of years. We endeavour to effectively manage risks relating to stress, however, it remains one of the main reasons for staff sickness absence. Counselling can be a vital link and source of support for staff affected by stress. I have always found Medra Services to be very professional in their approach.

They are responsive to our needs as an Employer, and feedback from our staff that use this service is very positive. Medra play an important part in our efforts to assist employees that are suffering from stress, whether caused directly by work or from personal issues that affect their work. In addition, they have recently developed their service and their website now offers advice and guidance on a variety of issues that can have a detrimental affect on staff welfare.

— Leigh Roberts

Please contact us on 07989500772 or lynda@medracounselling.com if you wish to offer your employees the opportunity to access Medra Counselling Services.