Accessing the service

Login using:

a) The ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ on your Medra leaflet or poster.

b) Or obtain these details from your Human Resources Department or Line Manager.

c) Or contact us.

Choose one of the counsellors from the list. You can select a Counsellor from any area and arrange directly by phone or email when and where to meet. If you choose to email, include 'Medra' in the 'Subject' box.

If you would prefer TELEPHONE COUNSELLING please contact the office by email or phone.

Please take your staff ID (name badge or payslip) to your first appointment, in order to confirm your eligibility.

You don’t need to gain permission from your employer or inform them that you are using the Service.

If you need help to arrange time away from work to attend, this can be done discreetly by contacting your Human Resources or Personnel Department.

You can use the service for work, relationship or personal problems which may be affecting your ability to cope with your work.

If, after your first session you would prefer to see someone else for any reason, inform your counsellor and select another counsellor from the list.

If you require any further assistance please contact Medra on 01248 712865 or email You do not have to give your name.


All Counsellors are independent of your employer and follow strict professional rules that safeguard your identity and the content of the sessions.

This counselling service is for all situations where the nature of the problem or the feelings it gives rise to are such that help from outside the workplace would be most suitable. It is designed to complement any internal Human Resources, Occupational Health or Advice and Guidance services.