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Here are some comments received from employees who have accessed Medra’s counselling service:


Rapid response, confidential, exceptional counsellor

Thank you so much for the provision and support. I don't know where I would be if I did not have access to the service when I did. I can move on with my life and deal with things in a healthier way.

Exceptional service, exceptional counsellor

Assisted me in arriving at my own conclusions concerning difficulties experiencing and ways to avoid in future.
Literally saved my life. Thank you

It was useful to talk through problems and discuss their effect on me. We also discussed the stress I was facing and solutions to cope with the issues.

A valuable service which has supported me through a very difficult period and helped me understand my feelings better.

Helped me sort myself out - work load - time to off-load. It did the trick!

This is such a valuable service and I personally have benefited in so many ways, on both a personal and professional level. I am truly grateful.

Helped me a lot with coping with different aspects of my problems…An excellent service – very understanding and some good advice.

Gave me tools for recognising triggers and managing my stress.

Able to discuss issues with a third party and be objective about what I had been through at a personal level.

I valued the independent advice and empathy in understanding my situation and circumstances.

Chance to discuss things with someone who understood. a very skilled Counsellor indeed!